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Hi! My name is... Natalie and I'm from the UK

And I found blotts_attic through I think I was just searching around for random authors and books.

My favourite novel of all time is... by... because... I have loads and loads of favourites - Pride and Prejudice and Emma by Jane Austen, Possession by A.S Byatt and The Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot. I love reading so many different genres and these books, though very different from each other, have someone which makes me want to sit still for 4 hours to finish them and something which gets me involved every time.

The three authors whose works I think everyone should read before they die are... because... Tricky... probably Jane Austen, Shakespeare and Dickens simply because they are sheer classics. I think they've defined the way fiction is today.

I think the most overrated author of all time is... either Emily Bronte or Tolkien I had to force myself to finish Wuthering Heights and couldn't get past 30 or so pages of The Hobbit.

The most appalling novel I was forced to read in high school was... I'm still in "high school", so haven't finished with the reading but I don't think that there has been one which stands out as really appalling. We haven't read that many.

I joined this community because... because I thought it would be great to finally talk to some people who share my passion for literature.

When I am not reading I am... playing the piano, clarinet, bassoon or singing, chatting online, eating, sleeping, at school, studying and generally having fun.
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