La Mer (mavieenbleue) wrote in blotts_attic,
La Mer

Another ode to PBS...

This community has been dormant for long enough!

I just watched Bill Moyers interview with Salman Rushdie (author of The Satanic Verses and Midnight's Children) and it was EXCELLENT. It's part of Moyers' new series "Faith and Reason" where he interviews various authors from different cultures about controversial topics. I'm really excited because Jeanette Winterson (she wrote Written on the Body, Sexing the Cherry, Oranges Aren't the Only Fruit to name just a few of her more popular books) is going to be on one of the episodes. Her writing is exquisite and she's one of the most revolutionary feminist authors alive today.

Alright. I've finished raving.

So... what books are on everyone's summer reading lists?
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