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Er... Hello

Hi! My name is... Louisa

And I found blotts_attic through... searching english literature

My favourite novel of all time is... Middlemarch by... George Eliot because... it is such a complex story... and I can identify slightly with Dorothea Brooke (although I'm not married to an old boring person).

The three authors whose works I think everyone should read before they die are... Jane Austen because her books are so enjoyable to read (although a bit girly!), Terry Pratchett because his books are so cynical and funny and I have never yet met a person who didn't enjoy them, and I don't know about the third one, maybe Margaret Atwood, or Philip K Dick, or Murakami, it is hard to choose!

I think the most overrated author of all time is... Dan Brown is the obvious choice here but for the sake of originality i will say Jonathon Safran Foer.

The most appalling novel I was forced to read in high school was... I had to read Equus, although that's not a novel. It is pretty appalling though.

I joined this community because... noone I know will talk to me about books.

When I am not reading I am... out drinking. Or thinking about what to read next.
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I used to be a HUGE Terry fan but went off him about 8 or so books ago. I started to find his stuff very sameish and each book just an excuse to bring out each of his characters for a cameo.

Still, I do still have (semi) happy memories about buying a new one and going home and sitting on the kitchen floor (which for some reason was a very comfortable place to read) at 4 in the morning finishing the book :D

Dick is someone I have always MEANT to read. I have Electric Sheep somewhere here but never started it. Bad Muddy :(
I would agree that his books have definately lost their originality, I think he's just run out of ideas! But I'd still much rather read one of his books than most other things.
Yeah - I started reading back about 89 (OMG - how long has he been writing?!?!) and his ideas seemed very fresh then.

I read some Tom Holt recently - Nothing But Blue Skys - very irrelivent humour about how Chinese Water Dragons control all the rain and a plot by disgruntelled TV Weather men to capture one and hold him to ransom. That was fun.

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Science students too! Every time I read one of his books I find something I hadn't noticed before!
I liked the film of Equus, haven't read any novelization for it, but I can't see an author beng able to capture some of the more powerful scenes in the film and/or stage production. I think Equus is there to be seen, not read.

I love Terry Pratchett, and what I've read of Jane Austen has been quite lovely and enjoyable. I must shamefully admit that I've not ready anything by George Eliot. *blush*
Apparently there is a stage production of Equus somewhere in the west end with Daniel Radcliffe (guy who plays Harry Potter) as the boy in it. Sounds interesting.

Not having read George Eliot is not shameful, the rest of her stuff is not as good anyway.
whats your reasoning for Safran Foer being overrated?