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From Pratchett to Plath, Fielding to Flaubert, Hornby to Hardy...

A book club dedicated to good reads and those willing to recommend them.

From Pratchett to Plath, Hornby to Hardy.
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Welcome to blotts_attic book club!

FAQ #1. What is a classic?
A classic is something everybody wants to have read but nobody wants to read.
(Mark Twain)

FAQ #2. How does one define a best-seller?
A best-seller is the gilded tomb of a mediocre talent.
(Logan Pearsall Smith)

FAQ #3. Can one truly learn the difference between good and bad from reading?
There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.
(Oscar Wilde)

FAQ #4. Where the hell am I?
Hello and welcome to blotts_attic, a book club dedicated to making friends over book recommendations and discussion. There will be no set novels each week/month and no hard or fast rules. Members are encouraged to participate actively in the community by sharing reading lists, reviewing recently read books (with all spoilers placed underneath a LJ cut) and recommending old favourites. Please post coherently with proper capitalization and grammar and do try to refrain from using netspeak - it is irritating and difficult to decipher. Please respect your fellow members and their opinions because trolls who flame others will not be tolerated.

This book club is certainly not elitist and book recommendations ranging from chick lit, to science fiction, to cheesy romance, to classic literature are most welcome, although please be a little discerning as the ability to distinguish between film and novel is highly valued here.

Please read these introductory guidelines before posting.

An entirely optional introductory template:

Hi! My name is...

And I found blotts_attic through...

My favourite novel of all time is... by... because...

The three authors whose works I think everyone should read before they die are... because...

I think the most overrated author of all time is...

The most appalling novel I was forced to read in high school was...

I joined this community because...

When I am not reading I am...

Some useful websites:

The New York Review of Books

Project Gutenberg

Books @ the BBC



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