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Hi! My name is Zoe, though I would very much like to be called Cristabel today.

And I found blotts_attic through... a livejournal interests search.

My favourite novel of all time would either be The Once and Future King by T.H. White or Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, though The Picture of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein and Jane Eyre are also favorites of mine (I have a feeling that Great Expectations and The Brothers Karamazov will join the ranks once I finish them). I think that The Once and Future King is a wonderful book (I have read it many many times and each time is like the first time I read it). I am taken into a wonderful medieval world, but unlike the older versions by Malory and Troyes, T.H. White makes everything incredibly personal and adds in his own ideas about current society. I especially like the third book that is about Lancelot. Wuthering Heights was just a beautiful novel. It was intense, spooky and Romantic. Heathcliff fascinates me. I started reading Wuthering Heights on a snowy day during my winter vacation, and ended up finishing it a day or two later. The weather was perfect for reading any sort of Romantic era novel.

The three authors whose works I think everyone should read before they die are John Keats, Alfred Lord Tennyson and Dostoevsky.

I think the most overrated author of all time is either J.D. Salinger, Alexander Pope or William Wordsworth.

The most appalling novel I was forced to read in high school was Oroonoko by Aphra Behn (though not technically a novel, I suppose). I haven't had to read many novels that I really disliked.

I joined this community because I love books and I love to write.

When I am not reading I am watching films (Marcel Carne, film noir, Ingmar Bergman, surreal, German expressionist, Alfred Hitchcock, etc.), wandering around old streets dressed like a gypsy girl/street urchin/Catherine Linton, taking photographs, writing poetry, walking through cemetaries in Victorian mourning clothes, searching for old books and antiques, sewing, painting, singing Jacques Brel/Kurt Weill/Kate Bush/various jazz and cabaret music, adventuring.
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