louisa (blue_gooseberry) wrote in blotts_attic,

Er... Hello

Hi! My name is... Louisa

And I found blotts_attic through... searching english literature

My favourite novel of all time is... Middlemarch by... George Eliot because... it is such a complex story... and I can identify slightly with Dorothea Brooke (although I'm not married to an old boring person).

The three authors whose works I think everyone should read before they die are... Jane Austen because her books are so enjoyable to read (although a bit girly!), Terry Pratchett because his books are so cynical and funny and I have never yet met a person who didn't enjoy them, and I don't know about the third one, maybe Margaret Atwood, or Philip K Dick, or Murakami, it is hard to choose!

I think the most overrated author of all time is... Dan Brown is the obvious choice here but for the sake of originality i will say Jonathon Safran Foer.

The most appalling novel I was forced to read in high school was... I had to read Equus, although that's not a novel. It is pretty appalling though.

I joined this community because... noone I know will talk to me about books.

When I am not reading I am... out drinking. Or thinking about what to read next.
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